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Let it snow...

The last wedding of 2023, what a finale to the year's weddings.

The morning was clear and crisp. Andrew took the drone up to see Rookery Hall in the winter grandeur.

We don't often get such beautiful opportunities given by nature, so Andrew took the 'ice' ( diamonds) out to the icy gardens to catch their beauty together.

I was cosy and warm inside, with the girls getting ready! Mabyn chose a stunning, simple tea-length dress.

The little horseshoe has hung in every car Gary has owned to keep him safe. It's here to guard them on their newest journey.

All ready to go and meet Gary at the end of the aisle. He was so excited, he was dressed & ready by 10.30 am!

The grand staircase and windows at Rookery makes the walk to the ceremony suite quite an experience. Graceful & comforting.

As Andrew waited with Gary & the guests, Mabyn made her entrance on the arm of her son ( I nearly fell off the chair when I found out she had grown up children), and her gorgeous grandson. My flabber was truly 'ghasted' that she had a grandson too. What ever she's on, I'll have a large portion of please!

So happy to be here, after everything which brought them together and to their wedding day

He's a happy boy!

As if by magic, the snow came to bless them. They kept popping out to take a few quiet minutes just watching the snowflakes.

That's service for you...The Master of ceremonies came out in the snow to bring them some of the delicious canapes.

Just a little kiss to warm up the lips! Ready to brave the icy fountain.

After feasting on fabulous food, and some heartfelt speeches, out came the surprise. The best singing waiters we have ever encountered! Shall we just say, the audience was very enthusiastic....waving, 'singing', dancing and a conga. They certainly know how to have fun!

A little quiet time together, with just a couple of photographers along.

At the end of a long day, Mabyn still looks fresh & stunning. Dress, hair, make up & dazzling smile still perfect.

The entrance hall is so beautiful.

The warmth makes for some great photo opportunities.

Out to catch the romance of the snowy garden, when your new husband leaves you a love note in the snow. What a romantic!

It was a wonderful day. A privilege to spend it with you. Now, after just one month married, you have all your photos and your wedding album to look through in the cold winter evenings.

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