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It's a 'WINDSDAY'!!

When the wind blows... bringing all the best times for Beth & Duncan.

Whilst the 3 generations of ladies dressed in cosy comfort at the cottages at Bilston Brook Barn in Staffordshire.....

The boys fill up at their favourite cafe and decide if the local transport will get them to the church on time.

Yes, you are seeing double! It was a challenge to tell Beth & her twin sister apart! The beauty is passed down from Grandma!

Preparation is everything.....! When you have to Google how to tie your ties on the morning of your wedding!!

At least your Groomsman can fit your buttonier after a little training from your photographer.

At the cottage, all is elegance & grace.

White roses & Calla lilies make a stunning combination.

All hands on deck for the finishing touches, with bridesmaid 'bear' supervising.

Maybe the tractor wouldn't start, so the Jag had to do instead. Looks like it was a satisfactory substitute.

When your bride arrives at your church to marry you, it can get a bit emotional.

The Beacon Community Church is not your average Church. A former nightclub, now filled with the joyous worship of a vibrant community.

Smiles soon took over. Joy throughout the ceremony as family & Church members celebrated with music and readings as they took their vows.

Beth's uncle shared responsibility for the ceremony with their usual pastor, so it was a truly family affair. He even managed to wear a fairly 'normal' suit for a while, fantastic socks though!

Isn't she just stunning...

And just like that, they are Mr & Mrs.

( there was a better kiss too!)

Loads of the other end of the street thanks to the wind.

Upstairs for tea & goodies with the Church 'family' and everyone who can't go to the wedding breakfast.

There's always one!

So stylish. Travel to the reception venue. It's been a 'cars r us' kinda day.

Duncan's amazing new wife.

Hold on tight. It was so hard to find shelter from the wind.

Even enough hairspray to make a hole in the ozone layer wasn't enough.

Aaaahhhhh, aren't they the best couple.

Someone is jealous and wants to join in!

Come on then!

Uncle Duncan is just the best!

Got to be in the Bridesmaids & Bridesman photos too.

Time to partaaaayyyy.

'Nuff said.

Ready to impress the crowd.

They have all the moves.

As the evening draws in, and the lights come up.

Time to say goodnight, God bless.

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