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A wedding success, with a little help from Woody!

Family is such a huge part of life for Polly & Jonathon. The whole family were involved somewhere during the day, Grandparents, sisters, brothers, Aunties, Uncles, friends, cousins and especially their own children. Whilst his little sister napped at prep time in the morning, Thomas and his cousins enacted many scenes from Toy story while the ladies were pampered by their hairdresser & make up artist. Woody and Thomas are the best of friends, and Woody had a starring role in keeping the day running smoothly .

The Plough at Eaton made the perfect setting for their wedding day.

The warmth of the barn is a perfect place to feature stunning dresses.

As we all know, a bride needs 'something blue' for luck. Take a look at Polly's incredible blue suede shoes!

Special memories of her beloved Dad to keep her company. Little details are so important when the ones you love can't be with you on your special day.

Woody helped ensure paige boy Thomas looked extra smart. If the hat would only have stayed on!

A moment of peace for Polly as the room emptied of bridesmaids, flower girls & junior Paige boys. Truly a 'swan', a picture of elegance & grace within minutes.

Thomas & Woody did an excellent job, making sure the ceremony went off without a hitch.

An extra special place reserved for Polly's beloved Dad.

Finally, the wait is over. Mr & Mrs Lovatt!

Lovatt junior is certainly very happy!

Woody had to step in as photographer. Thomas instructs him when to press the button. Sitting on top of a camera was not Woody's favourite place to play!

A perfect gift for her husband. Polly gave Jonathon her father's wrist watch. A high honour indeed.

These girls know how to party, they've had years of practice! Together through thick & thin.

What a Gent! When your wife's garter heads south, it's your duty to restore it to it's proper place.

Just beautiful.

When it's a bit on the chilly side, the Plough at Eaton gives you a little indoor magic for photos.

Nannies are just the best fun! Not sure who has the most fun though.

Somebody's very pleased!

Mrs Lovatt needs her jacket to keep her warm.

A gentle first dance .

The chances of a stunning sunset in late a late winter are uncertain.

The beauty of a late winter wedding is the early darkness. Plenty of time to get creative!

You can't let the features of your venue go unappreciated.

Aaaannnnddd, the Grand Finale!

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