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Who said weddings have to be serious affairs?? It would have been hard to pack any more fun into one day. Rachel & Dale create fun with every adventure in their lives.

When the surprise gift box from your bridesmaid has your favourite Muppet pair, personally handcrafted into bows for your shoes, you know they love you.

Miss Piggy & Kermit, a perfect match. Rachel & Dale, a perfect match.

Ok guys, give me your best pose............

Now we can see who was encouraging them!

Burning off the energy outdoors isn't restricted to the little people, The bigger ones have to play too.

Whoever said 'be magnanimous in victory' and congratulate your opponents hadn't played mini board games with Dale's dad!

1 package for delivery to Miss Jones!

Our beautiful flower girl leads the floral salute, and leaves to collect her award for her performance. Definitely an Oscar winner for her enthusiasm on the day.

As the New Mrs Fiddler poses elegantly for her bridal portraits, her ever helpful new hubby decides to lend a hand.

Caught in the act!

Celebrate good times............Mr & Mrs Fiddler make quite an entrance.

The real stars of the day. A special little gift when your new wife loves Gonks.

It would be rude not to give the tiny bride and groom their own personal portraits.

Well, it was a girly shot, but the more , the merrier.

Sshhhh, they can't see me.

Aaahhhhh, mushy stuff on the dance floor.

Aaannnd back to the fun stuff.

Just a little romance to end a fantasic day.

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Fiddler. A wonderful, fun filled day at Mere Court.

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May 30
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful pictures it was a real pleasure to be part of it thanks for having me

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