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It's like rain on your wedding day......

'It's good luck to have rain on your wedding day'. If that saying is correct, we have a lot of very lucky couples this year!

So many couples are very concerned that their dream day, which they have planned for so long will be ruined by the great British weather. It will not!

Rain can create all sorts of exciting opportunities. As photographers we are there to get the best of your day for you. The 'liquid sunshine' of British summer makes us get that little bit more creative for you.

A recent bride whose wedding was a rainy one has taken to some of the wedding groups to try to reassure all those who are concerned. She makes some wonderful points, with which we definitely agree.

Cloudy skies create much more drama in your photos, the light is often much better than bright sunshine for your photos.

No bright sun means no one is squinting in your photos!

Your ceremony may have to be indoors, but the wind will not be blowing your veil across your face at the wrong moment! Cooler weather means no red 'glowing' faces. It's much easier for you & your guests to mingle & chat with each other when you don't have to wander in and out looking for eachother.

When we can't take you outside for your photos, this is the time to take advantage of all the indoor features & cosy corners of your venue.

Taking advantage of any dry periods to pop out for a few minutes gives you both a few quiet moments together.

When it's just not playing ball outside, it's time to get creative with the inside. When you're not far from your guests, you don't miss the fun as they all celebrate with you.

Then as day turns to night brollies take on a life of their own. After you've celebrated your love with all your guests, a little cool evening air is so refreshing.

The perfume in the air after a showery day is beautiful. PLUS...mosquitoes hate the rain!

When the sunset you were hoping for doesn't find it's way through the clouds, we have to create one. 2 minutes away from your party people, without having to go for a 20 minute hike!

Believe me, your day will be absolutlely amazing. The only thing which really matters is marrying each other in the company of those you love most.

Your vows, your magic moments, your kiss & everyone's love will be there. Sometimes the battle with the weather creates memories you will cherish.

Somehow the reflection of the lights & the 'raindrop fairy lights make the evening so special.

Whatever our weather brings to your wedding day, being together to marry and share with your loved ones will be unforgettable. Wishing you all a wonderful wedding day. All the better if we and our cameras get to share it with you.

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