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Al Fresco for a wonderful day.

Emma & James came 'home' all the way from Canada so they could be married in the company of their amazing family & friends, who came from far and wide to celebrate with them. Let me tell you, they know how to party!

With each preparing in local hotels, I joined the ladies for a marathon of hair, make up, bubbly & giggles. Just look at Emma's fabulous shoes! So glamorous beneath her stunning slimline lace & beaded dress.

Andrew joined the guys while they worked out what goes where, and had an obligatory 'one for the road', ready to go & welcome the guests at Prior Hayes Golf club in Cheshire.

The venue is beautifully designed, just the right combination of warm barn style and chic styling.

The warm, natural atmosphere in the garden was exactly what they wanted, perfect for their relaxed outlook. Bound together with a traditional handfasting.

Love and joy shone through the whole day.

Look at those smiles as the newlyweds come back down the aisle.

A little toast before the (not so) serious partying & photographing starts.

No idea what the joke was, but there were plenty of them. When you've known most of these guys almost all your life, they know all the secrets and aren't afraid to embarrass you with them!

Time for a quiet wander together, never mind the woman in the bushes taking photos!

Hey, it's a golf course. Why not 'tee off' married life.....

Boys just wanna have fun.

Dancing in the dark.

When you can't get a sunset, just create a private one for two.

Congratulations Emma & James, it was an absolute ball spending the day with all your family & friends.

Good luck for an amazing future adventure.

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