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What a day!

Such a stunning bride. She & her new hubby have worked so hard for their big day to share with their amazing family & friends.

The fabulous colours were perfect to celebrate the sunshine & showers of the first days of the autumn.

An incredible, vibrant family ceremony at their family church, conducted by Martin's brother in law (vicar), readings by his sister ( also a vicar) & overseen by mum (verger). We were all singing in the aisle to the hymns.

Whisked off in style to The Mill at Stone.

Even a little wander around the grounds is a joy. ( No idea what he said, but it was clearly funny!)

The venue has a small site, but so many opportunities for places to spend a little time together. plus, the food was gorgeous.

Sometimes you don't even know the camera is on you.

The end of a fabulous day. The beginning of rest of your life together.

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