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Waiting to welcome you all!

Well, finally after a long enforced break to keep us all safe we can start the slow trek back to 'normal'.

The studio is now sparkling after it's deep clean & getting all our Covid secure measures in place. As with everyone, a few changes have had to be made to the way we do things

to keep all our fabulous clients safe, but we will be having bucket loads of fun as usual!

Cameras are at the ready, first cab off the rank is one of our fantastic cake smash sessions for a slightly belated 1st birthday. We're preparing a new 'Noah's Ark' set for this.

A fabulous family to be also visiting us. Then we are excited to welcome the winner of our FREE photoshoot for an NHS hero. 150 people were nominated by their friends/families. A wonderful nurse was our worthy winner.

We have enjoyed doing our doorstep shoots for local families & their pets too! The costs of those all donated to St Luke's Hospice to support their wonderful work.

So, head over to our sites & find out how we can have a great time together getting fabulous photos for all the family !

Newborns will be welcomed from early July.

Can't wait!!

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