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Tartan & Springtime.

When this lady is coming down the aisle to become your wife, who wouldn't be in awe.

The yurt at Barnutopia, near Oswestry has amazing opportunities.

Sarah & Tommy created such a personal vibe to their day. Their fabulous rings radiant blue with celtic patterns.

Sarah created all the bouquets & buttonholes herself. Vibrant with sunflowers & thistle.

A little 'Scotch' courage to calm his nerves. Got to uphold the traditions when you are resplendent in your full regalia!

When your 'Flower girl' takes his job not too seriously!

Happy man!

The knot is tied. Handfasting after the exchange of rings. Binding together forever.

Now to get ready to party!!

Cherry blossom makes nature's own confetti.

Nature's springtime bounty. Even in the 'weed patch'!

Wedding cakes don't have to be stiff, fancy affairs. Why not include your various can tell everyone the Stars ( wars) came to your wedding!

The sunshine and the stunning countryside. Then there's the dancing.

Then as the sun sets, it's time to say goodnight and good luck.

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