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Love changes everything.

As with so many couples in 2020, Phil & Rob had carefully planned their wedding to share with their fabulous family & friends. Just like so many others, they faced the options to postpone or to go ahead with just 15 for their ceremony.

After 12 years together, being married was the most important thing, so an intimate affair was the order of the day.

Their venue at Harrowden Hall, Northants worked just as hard to make the day special for everyone. Classic, welcoming interiors with beautiful grounds & views.

Far from the usual sombre pre ceremony discussions with the registrar, hearty laughter emanated from the meeting room. The guys opted to enter the ceremony room the way they do everything...together.

Laughter & tears of course as they finally took their vows.

Married! Now for some fun.....

Although no food was able to be served, there was plenty of time for a little fizz, a little more fizz & a cuppa or two whilst the select few nattered & ensured the happy couple didn't get away without being suitably embarrassed. Well, it is traditional!

Time to take the newly weds for a few personal shots, with a little help from their friends.

Harrowden Hall has such elegant grounds with fabulous views, in between the showers.

Music plays a big part in their lives, although they have totally opposing tastes. Phil is very much involved in musical theatre, hence the choice of 'Love changes everything' for their journey down the aisle. Of course he can't resist any chance to perform, even if the audience isn't wildly enthusiastic!

Time to say goodbye to the family.

Congratulations gentlemen. Love changed everything for you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your perfect day.

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