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Well, 2020 threw us all some challenges. So many of our lovely couples booked for weddings 'last' year had to postpone to this new year & beyond. A few couples were lucky & decided to go ahead with whatever was permitted. We have to admit that those more intimate weddings were amazing.

We had all been looking forward eagerly to the Great Gatsby styled wedding planned by Laura & Matt for New Year's Eve. They took the reduction in numbers in their stride, simply to get married. The change of venue was hurdled with a smile. The anticipation built as their big day was imminent.

They gathered with their nearest & dearest at the hotel the day before NYE ( new year's eve eve) to relax before their big day. We spent our day doing the usual stuff at home....checking gear, charging batteries & post Christmas snoozing on the sofa. Then....... disaster...... we were all suddenly to go into tier 4 at midnight, so no weddings permitted.

As we all contemplated the consequences, the phone rang. " Can you get here by 6? We can get married tonight!" 2 hours to go!! Arghhhhh!!!!

Pack 2 tons of gear into the car, wash face, brush hair, throw on some clean clobber. Grab warm coats ( already zero degrees outside) & the butties done for tomorrow in 20 mins.

I prepared my cameras en route, whilst Andrew drove the 30 or so minutes to the venue.

All the men were ready in their white bow tie & tails, complete with black patent shoes. So dapper. The ladies were almost there, completing their hair & makeup between prosecco & giggles. The array of beautiful beaded flapper gowns complimented Laura's stunning ivory satin gown with beaded bodice. Yes, Dad shed a tear when he greeted his beautiful daughter.

The wedding party took their seats in the stunning outdoor ceremony barn to wait with Matt for Laura's arrival. A clear, freezing cold night with a stunning full moon & a scattering of snow on the ground. The bride's careful procession along the frosty red carpet on the arms of her Mum & Dad was magical.

Laura & Matt have been inseparable since they became neighbours & friends at 7 years old. Apparently love blossomed when she stood on him & he hit her with a stick...To see the love & friendship between them & all their family & friends was a privilege.

Their wedding breakfast was a triumph for the staff who raced in to do an entire morning's work in a couple of hours. Whilst they enjoyed the repast, we collapsed into a couple of chairs in the lounge with the videographer to take a breath, share our butties & a bowl of delicious chips sent from the kitchen.

Speeches by all who knew the deepest, darkest secrets were a hoot, but the impromptu speech by Matt's wonderful Dad had the tears flowing. A surprise slideshow with greetings recorded by 'absent' guests made a special day super special.

A fabulous couple, who made a stunning drama out of a crisis. Their wedding day will be even more memorable because of it.

Special mention has to go to the management & staff of The Goldstone Hall Hotel, Market Drayton for pulling the amazing wedding together a day early at a moment's notice.

An unforgettable wedding at a stunning venue. Two wonderful people joined together with their incredible family & friends to share it. 2 photographers who spent most of the next day dosing on the sofa after getting home at 1.30am!

Wishing Mr & Mrs Lee a long & happy marriage.

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