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There's nothing better than welcoming families to the studio with their newborns.

Mummy & Daddy chose light naturals for their colour theme. So out came some of our Boho style props and the creamy outfits to choose from.

Darcy was a little older than many newborns, at over 4 weeks, so she only took a few catnaps, She was so comfy in our bamboo crib.

A little change of scene for catnapping beauty.

A little 'vintage' feel as the teddies watch over the little lady.

Forty winks, then wide awake.

Look at those eyes, not wanting to miss a thing.

This little piggy........

Can you believe how gorgeous she is??

Mummy chose a little cream ballerina dress from the outfits. Karen knits many of these outfits so they coordinate with each colour theme.

This was one of Daddy's favourite shots. He stood very close to support her head . She was determined to see what Mummy was doing next to us though.

We'll see you again as you grow Darcy.

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