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Brightening up a cold winter's day.

Freezing cold couldn't chill the vibrance & joy for Zoe & Henry's February wedding

at Styal Lodge, Cheshire.

Zoe's simple, elegant dress had a subtle dip-dyed underlayer adding just a dash of drama.

Joyous, vibrant colours match their personalities and made a perfect bed for their wedding rings.

Their theme was Sun, moon & stars. Delicate stars on Zoe's head dress twinkled brightly in her incredible red hair.

Henry secretly wrote some verse & created a perfect gift for Zoe's maid of honour to surprise her with. He's just an old romantic. ( Well, not so old!)

The boys were so keen, they were ready extra early. Henry's twin brother came all the way from Singapore to share the day.

Dad, so proud of his little girl.

It's time to get serious now, she's on her way.

So happy to be here at last. All the planning is over.

And now we are Hubby & Wife!

Meet Mr & Mrs Pearson...

February brings the snowdrops.

A chance to see one of Zoe's many talents. They met through shared, football & beer!

Off on tour, to the lakeside. All cosy in teddybear blankets.

Bringing a splash of colour to a grey winter's day.

Here's a happy boy!

I did mention their love of football, just not the same teams. Liverpool/ Chelsea matches are a lively watch in their house!

Me & my bestie! The best maid of honour a girl could wish for.

Let's get the party started.

Goodnight, good luck & thank you for an amazing day Mr & Mrs Pearson.

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